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  • Nov 11, 2012
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Downtown lofts

You might expect this blog to be about the St. Louis downtown lofts.  In reality it’s about my trip to the Queen City – Cincinnati, Ohio. The whole time I am there walking around this great downtown area with my wife I can only imagine what St. Louis would be like if only our City Leadership would get off their hands and take advantage  of our great river front as Concinnati has done.   It’s time to stop listening to everyone who says it can’t be done AND JUST DO IT!!!

Imagine walking from your hotel to the river only four blocks away to restaurants, bars and museums on a beautiful day. Imagine taking a run across the river or biking along the riverbank engaging those enjoying their favorite beverage or meal. Imagine sitting with friends in a public square where you enjoy Cardinals, Rams, Blues playoff games or other significant sporting and local events on a large jumbo screen while eating and drinking from local businesses.  Imagine that if you will in Kiener Plaza. Imagine walking tours of local restaurants, businesses and bars welcoming and educating visitors to our city. Imagine doing that from downtown lofts or apartments.

The possibilities are endless. Yet we fail to imagine. Hopefully the new arch grounds pass way from the Old Courthouse to the Arch will lead to bigger and better things. Maybe Ballpark Village will be a springboard to economic and social growth.

Come on St. Louis. Get with it. We have so much to offer. If the home of the Cincinnati Reds can do it I KNOW the home of the Cards and the greatest baseball fans in America can.

Just imagine Cardinal nation, just imagine.

Author: Gregg

To know and understand downtown, I believe you must live downtown. As a resident of our great city for the past 8 years, I take my role as an ambassador very seriously. Downtown and the surrounding areas have much to offer those who want to live and experience the urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, industrial style loft or a modern urban chic condominium, St. Louis has the loft or condo to meet your every need. Let my experiences living and working the loft and condo market be your guide to your next home.