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  • Nov 9, 2012
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Lofts St Louis

Lofts St Louis…these are the typical words that someone searching for a new loft in St. Louis uses when googling a new loft/condo in downtown.  But to many, the word loft means a true industrial style loft while others use the term generically when looking for a condominium.

Does it really matter?  When searching the web “no”.  When viewing actual  properties it does.  I am often asked to describe the difference between lofts and condominiums.  Click here to see a previous blog describing the differences.  I thought I would take an opportunity to highlight the various ‘loft’ and ‘condo’ buildings downtown so you can narrow your search based on your particular needs.

Lofts.  When looking for a true industrial style loft the buildings to focus on  include Dorsa, Bankers, Printers, Lucas, Ely Walker, The Meridian, Moon Brothers, Annex, Elder Shirt, Adler, 10th Street and Bogen.  These buildings sport high ceilings, exposed brick, concrete floors and open floor plans.  Each comes with a variety of floor plans and options.  Of these buildings only Lucas and Westgate have a rooftop pool. However, Bankers, Printers, Ely Walker, Moon Brothers, Elder Shirt and 10th Street have rooftop decks for outdoor relaxing and grilling.

Condominiums. If you are looking for a true condominium building then start with The Marquette.  Then go to Syndicate, Edison and Terra Cotta.  After those you have what I refer to as your hybrid lofts with a mix of condo and industrial design and feel.  These include Railway, West End, Denim and Grace.

For anyone looking to live downtown there are many options to choose from.  Things to consider are floor plan, layout, amenities, location, walkability, parking and convenience.  Searching for a new loft or condo can be daunting.  With the right information and a Realtor who knows the area it becomes much easier.

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Author: Gregg

To know and understand downtown, I believe you must live downtown. As a resident of our great city for the past 8 years, I take my role as an ambassador very seriously. Downtown and the surrounding areas have much to offer those who want to live and experience the urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, industrial style loft or a modern urban chic condominium, St. Louis has the loft or condo to meet your every need. Let my experiences living and working the loft and condo market be your guide to your next home.