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  • Nov 1, 2012
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Smart Phone Apps When Buying/Renting a Home

iphone_appsWe receive a lot of questions about the kinds of tools that are available today when buying or renting a new home.  There are a lot of smart phone apps when buying/renting a new home that are quite valuable.  There are the usual suspects like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and the like.  Those are basic real estate websites that give location, pricing, availability, etc of various properties.

However, today, people are looking for smart phone apps that provide additional insight into the area they are buying/renting.  There are many out there, but you may want to watch this short video blog about some great apps for your smart phone when buying/renting a new home.  Click here to watch the video.

With today’s plethora of smart devices there are more options than ever before.  Some people are diehard iPhone users.  Others are devout Android followers.  The device you choose doesn’t matter as much any more as there are millions of apps to choose from.

Remember that new apps are being developed and released all the time.  I, personally, become overwhelmed by the number of apps that are introduced and struggle to find the ones that make the biggest difference for me.  You, too, will find and use your favorites.  I’d love to hear  which ones work best for you.  Message me with any thoughts.

Naturally, your Realtor can guide and counsel you along the way as you decide upon your next new home.  We think this video will help you become a more educated client as you search for a new place to live.

Author: Gregg

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