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  • Nov 24, 2012
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The Best Lofts in St. Louis

Where are the best lofts in St. Louis?  I get this question quite often.  Honestly, the answer depends on your definition of best.  To determine what we mean by ‘best’ we have to look at location, style, walkability, convenience, building type, parking, shopping and last but not least, the individual needs of the buyer or renter.

When anyone thinks of lofts or condos in St. Louis you are immediately think of downtown, the Central West End and Clayton.  Are there other areas of town where one might find a condo?  Of course, but these three areas are where the predominant number of lofts and condos are found.

As far as style, there are really three types described in this previous blog.  Walkability refers to the ability to easily and safely walk in a given area within relative distance of the subject property.  Convenience is pretty obvious as most clients look for stores, shopping and public transportation not to mention closeness to professional sports, arts and entertainment.  Parking is always a factor.  Most properties come with at least one indoor parking space, but some offer two or more.

Lastly, the individual needs of the buyer/renter will determine if the subject property is the best lofts in St. Louis.  This is an individual thing and one constant that I see in all of my clients.  Where you live almost becomes a religious belief.  Some clients want to only live downtown.  Other praise the benefits of living the Central West End while others still want everything Clayton has to offer.

Regardless of your needs, the best lofts in St. Louis are where you live, work and play.  You determine the best lofts in St. Louis and shout out to the world every day where you live.  Finding the best lofts in St. Louis starts by having the right Realtor to guide you in the process.  Let StLouisPremierLofts.com be your guide.

The website if filled with Helpful Information and Tips for getting around the city and experiencing loft living downtown and other areas of town.  Check it out today by clicking here.

Till next time, have a great day!

Author: Gregg

To know and understand downtown, I believe you must live downtown. As a resident of our great city for the past 8 years, I take my role as an ambassador very seriously. Downtown and the surrounding areas have much to offer those who want to live and experience the urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, industrial style loft or a modern urban chic condominium, St. Louis has the loft or condo to meet your every need. Let my experiences living and working the loft and condo market be your guide to your next home.