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  • Jan 27, 2013
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How Precious Life Really Is

I remember the moment so vividly. It was only days before Thanksgiving 2012.  I was driving home from a showing when my wife called and asked if I would call our good friend Marc and help him with his iPad.  When I arrived at home I called him to learn he was admitted to the hospital for chest pain.  More tests were forthcoming and he’d keep us posted.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving we were back in town and Marc texted me asking if I could call.  I immediately did so only to have Marc inform me that he had Stage IV lung cancer.  To make matters worse the cancer had metastasized to his pelvis and lower spine.  Naturally, my wife and I were in shock.  We decided to visit Marc the following day to give him time to process this new found diagnosis and its implications.  Upon arriving at the hospital we were greeted with the same smile and silly jokes that were Marc’s trademarks.  Even in his current condition, pain wracked body and a medical diagnosis no one would ever want, Marc made us feel comfortable.  That was his way.

Over the next several weeks Marc’s condition worsened.  During this time several good friends and co-workers rallied the troops pulling together a fabulous fundraiser for Marc and his family in only a few weeks.  As a tribute to Marc over 300 people showed, laughing and telling wonderful stories about Marc and the impact on our lives.  Marc’s family was in awe of what they heard about their Marc.  The event raised over $20,000. Marc was unable to attend although he did everything to convince doctors to let him do so.

The following afternoon around 5:30 PM only 24 hours after the fundraiser we received the call that Marc had just passed away.  He was with family in the hospital.  Medical staff helped Marc remain comfortable in his final hours.  With his mom, dad and sisters by his side Marc quietly passed after having kissed his mom.

Knowing Marc was a privilege….an honor.  He was a true social ambassador.  You see Marc bartended for a living.  He was well known in the area with his final 11 years devoted to serving his customers at Miso on Meremac. Always ready with a quick joke and always with a smile Marc was the one person you could go to after a long week at work or just a bad day to relieve the stress of work.  Marc took care of his customers and his customers took care of Marc.

Life is very precious.  Marc was taken from us without warning.  Within 7 weeks of his diagnosis, Marc had passed.  He was a friend to many and loved by all.  Marc touched the lives of many people over the years.  He will be sorely missed, but NEVER forgotten.  Rest in peace my brother.  We love you.

Life truly is precious…

Author: Gregg

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