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  • Jan 7, 2013
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Searching for a St. Louis Loft in 2013

Well it’s a new year and searching for a St. Louis loft in 2013 is becoming more interesting each passing day.  The market is looking up, inventory is improving, buyers and renters are entering the fray and the weather has been better than anticipated.

Like the start of any new year, owners are looking to sell or lease their property.  This alone has helped address the lower inventories we have seen for some time.  Couple that with continued low interest rates and the time to buy or lease is now.

As the weather continues its march towards the Spring, anyone looking to buy, rent or lease property can take advantage of many tools that we as Realtors use to guide our clients in their search for a new residence.  Click  on the Contact tab on our home page to receive free information assisting you in your search.  You won’t be disappointed!

So kick off 2013 by actively finding that new home.  Contact us today!

Author: Gregg

To know and understand downtown, I believe you must live downtown. As a resident of our great city for the past 8 years, I take my role as an ambassador very seriously. Downtown and the surrounding areas have much to offer those who want to live and experience the urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, industrial style loft or a modern urban chic condominium, St. Louis has the loft or condo to meet your every need. Let my experiences living and working the loft and condo market be your guide to your next home.