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  • Jan 4, 2014
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Freezing Weather Coming to St. Louis

The freezing weather coming to St. Louis come Monday morning should not be underestimated.  Regardless of how used to cold weather or if you like winter time, the cold we are set to see come Monday morning is real and cannot be ignored.  Having lived in North Dakota previously I know first hand how cold a wind chill factor of -50 degrees is and what it can do to your skin if left unprotected. If you choose to venture out in the weather on Monday bundle up in layers of lightweight breathable fabrics.  Layers help to protect and insulate.  Just be careful whatever you decide.

For those of you who refuse to go out in this type of weather, why not go online and check out some of the many properties currently on the market for sale or rent.  Check out my RE/MAX page here for the latest and hottest properties in St. Louis.  You will find just about anything you are searching for in the greater metropolitan area.  Be it a loft, condo , town home, single family property, farm, or even commercial. RE/MAX has gone the extra mile to make sure we are well equipped with the latest technology and search tools.

As the market continues to improve, buyers, sellers, and renters are looking for any edge they can get to sell their home quicker or find that new home before anyone else.  My RE/MAX site allows for just that regardless of what you are looking for in the St. Louis area.

Take some time on Monday when it’s well below zero outside and check out the latest properties to hit the market in St. Louis.  I know you won’t be disappointed.  You can also check out my Highrises.com site here if in the market for a loft or condo.  With a diverse mix of properties from rustic industrial style to true condominium, you won’t be disappointed.

You say you want a single family home, then check out StLouisMissouriHomes.com here.  For everything single family home, this is a great site.

So now that I’ve given you enough to do on Monday, stay warm, enjoy some hot beverages and happy home searching!

Author: Gregg

To know and understand downtown, I believe you must live downtown. As a resident of our great city for the past 8 years, I take my role as an ambassador very seriously. Downtown and the surrounding areas have much to offer those who want to live and experience the urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic, industrial style loft or a modern urban chic condominium, St. Louis has the loft or condo to meet your every need. Let my experiences living and working the loft and condo market be your guide to your next home.