Listing Your Home – Things To Do

Listing Your Home – Things To Do.  Here are some tips that I read recently from a blog by Realtor, Beth Atalay, in Florida. Good read with some practical thoughts on things to do before listing your home for SALE.

If you are a homeowner who has made the decision to list your home for sale, there are things you could and should do prior to listing it for sale.
Your house should be prepared carefully, paying attention to every detail.

Here is a list of five things to do before listing your home for sale;

1- Spruce up the curb appeal – Your home should attract buyers from the outside before they would even consider going inside. Make sure the yard is free of weeds, be sure the lawn is mowed on a regular basis, plant some colorful plants around the house, check to make sure walkway and driveway are free of cracks, pay attention to your front door. If it needs to be painted, do so. Remove garbage cans, toys, “stuff” your pets might have left outside without your knowledge.

2-Hire a licensed home inspector. Buyers will do so once you’re in contract, it’s best you repair all items that will eventually be on an inspection report. Well worth spending the money. To see a list of certified home inspectors in your area click here.

3-Clean and organize. This includes the living area as well as the garage. It’s easy to accumulate “stuff” after just a few months of living in a house. Look at your house from the eyes of a potential buyer. Remove all personal items from sight, start packing away all the clutter. Go through your closets and start separating from clothes you haven’t worn in couple of years.Remember less is more. Once you’re done organizing, it’s time to clean. Clean the floors, carpets, windows, doors, walls, baseboards, light fixtures, let your house sparkle. I recommend to my clients hiring a professional cleaning service to help with this step.  Often maintaining the house/loft/condo is difficult and a great cleaning service can really make a difference.  In St. Louis I like Clean.  To learn more about them or to have them drop by your place for a free estimate click here.

4-Hire a home stager. Let’s face it, not everyone has the great talent with colors and arranging furniture. Thankfully, we have home stagers to help. Home stager can do wonders with color scheme, arranging furniture, using the right items for decorating and much more. Well worth hiring a home stager.  I personally like Home Staging by L.A. Group here in ‘The Lou’.  To learn more about them click here.

5- Gather all the warranties, user manuals, guarantees. Make a list of contractors you may use on a regular basis such as pest control, lawn care, A/C maintenance.

These are only five things to do before listing your home for sale but there could be more. Having a team of professionals on your team will guide you through the entire transaction to ensure a pleasant home selling experience.

Most people opt to contract with a full service Realtor to list their home.  Contact us to schedule a listing appointment to get your home on the market today.

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Author: Gregg

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