Seahawks vs. Broncos

The Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl should be a good one.  Two teams with a lot to prove.  One from the NFC West, considered by many pundits of the game to be the best division in the NFL.  The other, one of the original AFL teams with future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

The two teams have taken different routes to the ‘Big Game.’  Seattle pounded out wins throughout the season in the tough NFC West while showing an ability to overcome adversity in ways that some thought impossible.  With Marshawn Lynch running the ball and the big green defense smacking other teams to the turf, the Seahawks talked trash all year long, but in the end backed it up with a good NFC Championship win over the 49’ers.

The Broncos on the other hand rolled over one opponent after another with an aerial attack that was awe inspiring to fans and media alike.  Peyton opened the season with 7 TD passes on his way to a single season NFL record 55 TD passes and nearly 5500 yards.  With a corps or receivers led by Wes Welker and Eric Decker the Broncos showed time and again they were for real.  On Sunday the Broncos defense stood up to Tom Brady  and the vaunted Patriots offense and shut them down in a game that wasn’t nearly as close the final score indicated.

Super Bowl XLVIII should be a good one.  Two organizations with dramatically different personalities, chemistry and leadership.  One considered by most to be professional, no nonsense and unstoppable.  The other arrogant, not well liked and full of trash talking defenders that get overly verbal when making a simple tackle.  Two different teams, each a clear reflection of their coach.  Each with much to prove.

I know who I’ll be rooting for.  I know who I expect to see hoisting the Lombardi trophy.  I also know that only one will accept it gracefully in victory with dignity.  Sorry Seahawks fans.  I’m not one and won’t be as long as your team continues to behave as it does.  And that’s sad, because I grew up in Seattle and love the city.  If you are proud of your team’s behavior I understand.  I respect allegiance.  I also remember when it used to be important to be a reflection of your family or town.  The trash talking, loudmouth players on the Seahawks are not a reflection of a truly great city.

In two weeks we will have our answer.  Either way I’ll be posting a follow up to either congratulate the team I expect to win or eat crow because the other team I don’t respect hoisted the trophy.

Until next time…

Author: Gregg

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