What Makes a Good Realtor

What makes a good Realtor is something I often ponder.  Why you may ask.  For a number of reasons.  First and foremost it’s the career I have chosen.  I never thought it would be something I would ever consider.  Yet, I found later in life that it is the perfect occupation for me.  Second, I hear how clients have been treated by others  when seeking assistance while searching for a new place to call home.

I may be a bit biased, but I think being a Realtor is a really cool job.  I get to see some of the most beautiful properties anyone can imagine.  I get to view how the human mind transforms nothing into places of art.  I get to meet awesome clients.  I get challenged on a daily basis by the human spirit.  I get to broker deals, negotiate with the best and bring smiles to faces of those who have bought, sold and leased properties.

To do this AND do it well takes commitment, drive and attention to detail.  It’s not about making the most money.  It’s doing the right things the for right reasons for our clients.  Sure, the money is great and you can make a very good living doing what I do.  But in the end it’s seeing the happiness on the face of a buyer when they sign that final document during closing.  It’s seeing sellers realize that they are closing another chapter in their lives.

Being a Realtor is not about the images we see on TV. It’s not about the pomp and circumstance often portrayed.  It’s not about being the loudest or most talkative.

Being a Realtor is about honesty, integrity, consistency, adherence to the rules and regulations that we agree to follow when we receive our license.  It’s about being able to look yourself in the mirror every morning knowing you did the right things for your clients for the right reasons.  It’s knowing that you completed the transaction the right way with the highest level of integrity.  It’s knowing you didn’t take shortcuts to ‘get the deal done.’

To be a good Realtor you have to be committed to keeping up with an ever changing world.  It means keeping step with technology.  Knowing how clients search for properties using the various smart devices available today.  It’s a new world.  Clients demand instant gratification, demand immediate communication, demand less or no paper.  Being a good Realtor is all these things.

It’s a great profession and one I wish I had entered long ago.  Please share your comments and thoughts based on your experience.  If you are interested in the profession and want to learn more contact me directly or visit the State of Missouri licensing division by clicking here.

Until next time…

Author: Gregg

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