Current Newsletter

Looking to stay current with happenings downtown and learn about our great city and the various buildings that make up the loft district?  Then this is the place to be.  The current newsletter will keep you up to date and on top of happenings and events in and around our great city.  Ever wonder about old buildings in town?  Ask yourself what could have been there or if anything still happens there?  Are you a real history buff and want to know everything about St. Louis?  If you are a student of architecture and enjoy the mix of old and new found in St. Louis then the newsletter each month will highlight another once prominent building.  Some history of the building and a picture or two will highlight another important part of our city’s long and storied past.

The monthly newsletter shares inside tips about dining and entertainment downtown.  With links to popular places downtown the newsletter can be a place to quickly go for current information and events. Imagine saving these newsletters in one place for easy retrieval when planning those last minute activities with friends and family.

Share the newsletter with your friends.  Let them choose where to hang out on the weekend or where to eat before a Cardinal, Blues or Rams game.


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