Frequently Asked Questions


When I’m looking to rent a property how much should I pay a Realtor to show me around?

  • Nothing.  A service that a Realtor provides as an agent is free.

When I have found the right property to rent, what are the typical costs included in my monthly rent?

  • Typically, water, sewer, trash, snow removal and general maintenance of the property are included.  Ask your Realtor as they will be able to confirm everything that is included in your monthly rent.

How many parking spaces are usually included when I rent a loft or condo?

  •  One parking space is usually included.  If a loft or condo owner was able to negotiate additional spaces when the unit was purchased, then more parking may be available.  Again, your Realtor will know the answer for each property you view

Are there any costs associated with moving into a loft or condo?

  • Most often you can expect to pay a fee to cover the cost of reserving an elevator and any damage to the building or elevator.  Some buildings have special orientation fees.  Pet deposits are common if an owner or landlord allows pets in their unit.  Your Realtor will be able to answer these questions as they pertain to each building.

Will I pay an application fee when renting?

  • Yes.  The fee will vary by the service the landlord uses to run your background and credit check.  The fee you pay is typically determined by your relationship to the other person(s), if any living with you in the unit.  For example, two unrelated persons may pay $45 each compared to a married couple who might pay $75 total.  Ask your Realtor to explain the fees involved.

Will I be able to pay my application fee, security deposit and first month’s rent with a personal check?

  • Application fee may be paid by a personal check, but don’t be surprised if you are asked to apply on-line and pay with your credit card.  Your security deposit and first month’s rent must be paid with a cashiers or certified check or a money order.
I’m not familiar with the area and would like to view properties in the area.  Is there any place I can go to see what is available before I start viewing properties with my Realtor?
  • One service most clients find very helpful is Listingbook.  This is a free service that provides a morning report each day with properties that closely or very closely match search criteria you have established when signing up.  To use the service click here.