Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips – Getting a mortgage today requires patience and a lot of documentation.  The tragedies that occurred on 9/11 and subsequent governmental changes along with new banking and financial regulations have changed loan processing.

Today, patience is at a premium.  The amount of documentation requested is required by all lenders regardless of your financial status or credit score.  Be prepared to provide information requested on a timely basis.

Local banks and mortgage brokers are always an option when financing your new home.  Local lenders know the market, are part of the market and take their commitment to their communities very seriously. Investing in St. Louis is a priority for them.  They know the building and market better than big banks.  Creating an air of cooperation with borrowers, local lenders take very opportunity to help St. Louisans realize the dream of owning a new loft or condo as well as single family homes.

If moving from out of state, consider a local St. Louis for the simple fact that they know the market like no one else.  And interestingly enough, once  you are approved for a loan and closed on the property, your loan more than likely will be purchased by the big banks for servicing.

A list of local mortgage brokers and banks is found below. These tips can make your loan application and processing a little easier.


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