Renter Tips

Renter Tips – Renting (leasing) a loft or condo downtown is a new experience for many.  After having lived in a single family home for years, residing in a high rise or mid rise building is quite a change.  For those who already live in a loft or condo downtown, the experience can be life changing.  Urban living is exciting, ever changing, interactive and offers experiences that planned developments and rural living can’t offer.

As a renter you experience the urban lifestyle in some of the most interesting lofts and condos St. Louis has to offer.  Maybe you want high ceilings, exposed brick and polished concrete floors.  Or, what if your desire is for an apartment style condominium.  Either way, there is a property downtown to meet your need. For a quick description of the three styles of properties downtown read more on the Urban Living page.

The many restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and sporting events discussed on the Urban Living page, offer something new and different for every day of the week.

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For Frequently Asked Questions about renting a property view our FAQ page.

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