Packard Lofts

The Packard Lofts building was originally built in 1913 by O. L. Halsey with permission of the Packard Motor Company.

Known historically as the Halsey-Packard Building, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

It served as the dealership/distributorship for the St. Louis. The building was designed by J. L. Wees. Interestingly enough, Halsey was the first car dealer in St. Louis.

A couple of years later Halsey moved to Boston and turned the building over to the Packard Motor Company.

At that point the building became a direct dealer for Packard until 1923 when George M. Berry bought it and continued to sell Packards from the site until 1953.

For many years until around WWII Packards were considered one of the finest luxury cars in America. In fact, they can be seen in many Hollywood movies of the time because of their sleek style and design.

Living at Packard Lofts means you are a short 2 minute walk to the home of the new St. Louis City Soccer Club. For soccer fans...this is heaven.  And for fans of Schlafly beer walk a block down the street to the Schlafly Tap Room for some great craft beers and tantalizing food.

Need a quick latte or capucinno? Grab one at Starbuck's a short two minute drive away. And if you don't want to leave downtown for dinner check out one the many restaurants and bars downtown.

Written by Gregg Sharpe

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    2201 Locust, St. Louis, MO 63103
    YEAR BUILT: 1904
    FLOORS: 4
    UNITS: 33
    HEIGHT: 48 ft